Beyond Voter Lists To Help Campaigns and Causes “Micro-Target” New Donors and Activists

For Immediate Release

VENTURA, Calif., Oct. 10, 2012 — AccuList, Inc., a California corporation, is pleased to announce the creation of Beyond Voter Lists.

According to AccuList President David Kanter, “At, we will offer proven micro-targeted direct mail, telemarketing, and e-mail lists of generous donors and committed special-interest group members. Lists will deliver on the promise of our tag line: Where Data Wins Hearts and Minds.”

Kanter reports that “unlike voter database files, our lists are not restricted to political campaigns and can be specifically targeted to activists and others who are passionate about their beliefs.”

Apart from lists sourced from active donor and membership files, will offer campaigns and causes nationwide access to coordinated online display advertising, newspaper inserts, radio, social media, and database services.

Beyond Voter Lists will focus its marketing efforts on campaign managers and advisors, political action committees, advocacy groups, and public affairs executives nationwide.

For further information on Beyond Voter Lists, please contact David Kanter at 760-501-0046, or

AccuList, Inc. is the parent company of AccuList USA®. AccuList USA was founded in 1988 by David Kanter and has grown to become a national SRDS- and Direct Marketing Association-recognized list and insert media brokerage and management company. AccuList USA has served thousands of national and international business and non-profit clients with direct and digital marketing support, and its offerings range from targeted opt-in e-mail, postal and telemarketing lists to online display advertising, co-registration leads, and database services.