Planning for 2010
Seeking Customer ‘Engagement’ Brings Back Old MemoriesSince the inception of the recession, many companies and non-profit organizations have reduced their prospecting efforts, increased customer reactivation initiatives, and reallocated strained budgets in favor of pay-per-click, social networking and other forms of online advertising.  Others have sheepishly chosen the time-honored path to a quick and untimely demise: namely, relying on house files for sustenance.  What’s the story with direct mail?  It’s not on everyone’s radar, which is why it should be in your budget next year. To learn why, read more.

What’s Working
Mobile Marketing Hits New Growth Milestone
There are now more than 100 m-commerce sites and mobile applications that enable consumers to shop and purchase via their mobile devices. A total of 97 merchants operate 103 transaction mobile sites and apps. Brand retailers lead the way: Apple Inc. operates two apps, Foot Locker runs five sites, and Polo Ralph Lauren operates two sites. Seven more e-tailers offer seven mobile websites or apps that do not enable purchases but do allow browsing of catalogs and customer reviews. Many others are rushing to ready a mobile presence for the holidays. Click for  details.  As a result, mobile ad spending continues to gain momentum. Taking a middle position amid projections, e-Marketerforecasts $416 million for 2009 and growth to $1.56 billion by 2013. Clearly, mobile will be a staple of many marketing budgets.

What’s New
Social Media Ads Top 2010 Marketing Agendas
A new study by the Center for Media Research found that 56% of media buyers plan to buy ads on social networks next year, almost equal to the 57% who plan to buy email marketing ads. On average, 57% of the media budget is being dedicated to nontraditional media next year. Not one to lag the trend, Twitter has just amended the terms of its service to allow ads, including targeted marketing. But marketers will need to see social media ads differently from other online ads, according to a recent study by the Lotame social ad network, which notes the the lower click-through of banner ads on social media sites is offset by a higher level of engagement than banners on content sites. Indeed, social media is the biggest factor changing the ways marketers approach customer engagement, declares a new survey from marketing company Alterian.

Industry Survey
Will your direct mail budget increase in 2010 compared with 2009?
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Results of previous Industry Survey: Of those responding, 64% planned to add/expand social media activity in the second half of 2009.

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