On 20th Birthday, AccuList USA Thrives by Uniting First and Second Party Data With New Marketing Tactics

SAN ANTONIO, TXAccuList USA® celebrates a 20th anniversary this June in a very different place from its start as a traditional direct mail list broker and manager.

As a member of the Data & Marketing Association and the Association of Fundraising Professionals, and SRDS-recognized mailing list and insert media broker and manager, it has successfully adapted to successive marketing challenges—including the rise of e-mail and social media, the digital flood of “big data,” and today’s complex omnichannel marketing strategies.

AccuList USA has distinguished itself by embracing new marketing tactics and by identifying rentable prospect lists that conventional data brokers ignore, including exclusive second-party data on active customers and donors. Its clients also benefit from first-party data enhancement for improved monetization. AccuList USA relies on predictive analytics and proprietary mailing research to select the best names from individual lists as well as from multimillion-name compiled “big data” and modeled cooperative databases. 

AccuList USA goes beyond merely supplying data and helps business and fundraising clients attribute omnichannel marketing results, so that they can effectively measure campaign success and the costs to acquire a new customer or donor. The focus is always on sales or gifts, not just open rates, page views, and clicks. Its data pros even track which postal and e-mail lists perform best for leading marketers in designated vertical markets. 

Over the past two decades, AccuList USA has helped 1,000s of companies and non-profit organizations to further monetize their data and acquire new customers and donors in the following verticals:

  • Catalog & Ecommerce
  • Fundraising
  • Insurance
  • Museums & Zoos
  • Performing Arts
  • Pet Owners
  • Publishing
  • Trade Shows & Conferences

AccuList USA and its corporate parent AccuList, Inc. are headquartered in San Antonio, TX, but serve clients targeting businesses, institutions, and affluent consumers nationwide and in several foreign countries. 

For details on AccuList USA and its omnichannel postal, e-mail, and digital marketing services, call 520-226-4220 or visit www.acculist.com.