Pet Owners 

When you need to reach adoring “pet parents” along with others who serve them, look no further than AccuList USA.

Aside from pre-screened direct mail and e-mail lists, we offer predictive modeling, cooperative database participation, along with list cleaning, merge-purge, and other “data-driven” marketing services.

AccuList USA provides quality lists across the United States and Canada, with a broad array of targeting options:

  • Active donors to animal welfare, rescue, and advocacy appeals;
  • Dog and cat owners;
  • Horse, bird, and livestock owners;
  • Multi-channel buyers of pet products and supplies;
  • Subscribers to print and digital versions of pet-related magazines;
  • Animal Shelters and Rescue Groups;
  • Show participants;
  • Pet Resorts and Kennels
  • Veterinarians;
  • Groomers;
  • Pet Store Owners


Whether you need quality lists or scalable data-driven marketing services, put AccuList USA on your marketing team. Call David Kanter today at (877) 445-4787 for a FREE initial consultation to assess your needs.