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Digital ‘Engagement’ Faces New Challenges in 2011
A growing number of our clients are mastering the process of successfully integrating digital or online media into their overall direct marketing strategy. Results have been mixed, and there are a number of challenges ahead that may temper expectations about turning Facebook users into customers. Learn how to avoid common digital media mistakes.

What’s Working
E-mail’s Three ‘T’s’: Timed, Targeted and Transactional
If you’re looking for e-mail results, avoid the pitfalls of bulk e-mail, where performance is dismal, according to Experian Marketing Services. Experian reports that e-mails delivering the best click rates, open rates and revenues per e-mail are personalized, transactional e-mails targeted to specific recipients with specific offers. It’s no secret that timing also plays a key role. For B2B efforts, Worldata has a wake-up call. It recently found the highest open success was for e-mail deployed at 7 a.m., with an average 18% open rate. In contrast, B2B e-mail deployed at 6 p.m. had an open rate of just 2%. Another tip: If you put your whole offer in the subject line, average click-through rates increase by 14%, reports Worldata.  See how to boost response for your next e-mail campaign.

What’s New
Limited Postal Hikes As More Paper Mail Goes Into the Cloud
Pitney Bowes has announced it is launching a new service that takes mail delivery into the cloud. The new Volly service will allow mail recipients to receive, view, organize and manage digital versions of such contents as bills, statements, direct marketing, catalogs and coupons that they might otherwise handle as paper mail. Meanwhile, the financially strapped U.S. Postal Service recently filed new mailing service rates, going into effect April 17. Overall rate increases are limited to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) cap of 1.74%, but the continued challenge for USPS revenues and traditional mail service is clear.  Read details of new postal rates.

Industry Survey
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Results of previous Industry Survey:  60% of respondents say they plan to increase direct mail spending in 2011.

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