Planning for Spring Success
Do the Right List Homework — or You Risk Failing at Direct Mail
For profitable direct mail, you need to identify winning mailing lists — and avoid those that may not work. But where do you find quality lists? Here’s a clue about where not to look: If your lists are purchased online, they have been mailed thousands of times. When lists are overexposed, they are much less responsive. In contrast, “brokered lists” are sourced from “pre-screened” third parties who make their transactional response lists available for rental or exchange. These brokered lists tend to generate more revenue and response. But how do you shop the wide universe of brokered lists for those with the best chance for success? You need to be a good “list detective.” Learn about our proven method for finding top-performing lists by market.

What’s Working
Get FREE Competitive Research on Successful Lists by Market
AccuList USA is making available its latest competitive mailing-list research. Based on a historic analysis of top national mailers, AccuList USA has identified thousands of successful direct mail lists for the following specific markets: animal welfare appeals, childrens’ charities, continuing education recruiting, automotive aftermarket, and outdoor hunting, fishing, camping and boating enthusiasts. E-mail to request a FREE summarized “market specific” report.

What’s New
Over 30% of Online Ads Go Unseen, But a New Tool May Help
There’s an alarming amount of waste in online ad spending, according to new comScore research. Its study of campaigns by a dozen major brands found 31% of ad impressions are never seen by consumers. Why? Many online display ads are placed on parts of the web page that are never viewed. Ads classified as “in view” ranged greatly by site, from only 7% up to 91%. Since comScore identified the problem, it has come up with a new tool to address online ad delivery: Its Validated Campaign Essentials will provide an unduplicated accounting of ad impressions to ensure that ads can be viewed, served to the appropriate targets and delivered in a “brand-safe environment.” To read more, see our recent blog posts.

Industry Survey
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Results of previous Industry Survey:  54% of respondents have a 2012 marketing plan that integrates social media and e-mail.

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