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Get Top Results Across Channels by Emulating Your Direct Mail
Imagine the possibility of emulating the most successful components of your direct mail program across multiple marketing channels. For example, many of our clients have discovered that they can apply campaign metrics from their direct-mail promotions  to create new targeted online advertising programs on individual web sites or even B2C or B2B advertising networks. Depending on the offer, e-mail can also be cost-effective for new customer acquisition or donor retention and reactivation, using e-mail lists that come from the same proven brands that work for direct mail. With market-specific strategies, you can successfully extend your reach across multiple channels at a very affordable cost.Read about options and research by market.

What’s New
Want Social Media Ad Success? ‘Old School’ Formulas Work Best
As marketers seek the secret to social-media ad success with mantras like “interactivity,” a new report refers them back to basic principles that work for ads in other media. Fast Company recently reported a Facebook study that measured 400 Facebook ads for six traditional criteria of ad creative: whether the ad has a focal point, links strongly to a brand, sets a tone that fits the brand personality, gets noticed, communicates its point effectively, and offers some “reward” to viewers. Then the study looked at how the ads performed, using two traditional advertising measures: ad recall and purchase intent. The result? Facebook found the ads that performed best were the ones that also did the best job with advertising fundamentals, especially focal point, brand link, tone, and, most important, reward offer. For more, see the full article.

What’s Working
Direct-Mail Response Rates Maintain Wide Lead on Digital Options
Many marketers have noticed direct-mail response rates are down from the “good old days” and have boosted use of digital channels. Yet the rise of multi-channel campaigns may be the cause as well as the result of the mail response downturn. As some marketers note, a mail response-rate decline can be due to faulty mail tracking not list performance given the well-established practice of measuring campaign results across multiple channels. Certainly direct mail has proven to be a key driver for e-commerce and fundraising, and when marketers stop mailing, site traffic declines along with sales/donations. Direct mail’s lead role in marketing success is underscored by the Direct Marketing Association’s 2012 Response Rate Report. Though direct-mail response rates have dropped nearly 25% in the past decade to an existing customer average of 3.4%, that has to be compared with a 0.12% response rate for e-mail. Costs-per-sale/lead for direct mail, e-mail and paid search are now almost equivalent. Get more details from the report

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Results of previous Industry Survey:  About 47% of respondents plan to use PURLS in their 2012 direct mail campaigns.

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