2017 Event Marketing: Social, Visual & Data-Focused

Event professionals can look forward to some exciting new marketing trends in 2017–especially in the social, digital and data arenas–as recently highlighted in both an EventManagerBlog survey and a post by MarketingTango, the marketing blog for brands like PIP and Sir Speedy. Since AccuList USA has seen similar trends, it has responded with more social media and multi-channel programs to bolster its existing event marketing expertise in market-tested lists. Event marketing trends to watch this year include:

More Data and Retargeting, With a Social Twist

Many event professionals reported to EventMB that they saw an increase in the amount and quality of data available through social media in 2016–data that can be used to improve retargeting and create better multi-channel campaigns in 2017. MarketingTango points out that tighter targeting of the right VIPs and digital influencers will allow marketers to ride their social media coattails to higher Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram traffic and maximize social data ROI. EventMB even reports a trend to use of electronic tablets as part of the registration process, with tablets staying with attendees for real-time data, such as vendor visits.

Engagement, Contests & Connections

Underlying social media’s growth as an event tool is its ability to boost engagement and professional connectivity. Certainly, per EventMB’s survey, using contests and giveaways for posting or tagging in social media is a big trend with exhibitors, who not only reap booth traffic but free marketing buzz as people tag and share.  MarketingTango likewise notes the growing use of a “digital social wall” to engage attendees in real-time and harness the power of hashtags to own conversations. Social media also offers more ways to connect, and EventMB’s surveyed event pros reported increased use of Snapchat and Snapchat geolocation filters to meet and connect as well as use of guest-generated pop-up events such as Twitter meetups.

Event Apps Becoming a Must

Jennifer Hawkins, Director of Marketing at live engagement marketing firm Double Dutch, told MarketingTango that show/convention apps are another must for today’s marketer: “Fifty-six percent of users engage with event applications at least 10 times on average, proving that attendees are eager for this type of timely, contextual content.” Apps are especially appealing because results are trackable.

Demand for Sleeker, More Visual Digital

Event marketers also stressed that today’s attendees want websites and landing pages that are easy-to-use, faster and more concise, preferring bullets and visuals over wordy pages. Image-based platforms are winning more followers, and many event pros forecast growing popularity for video in event invitations, event advertisements, virtual reality experiences to sell venues, event highlight reels, and, for those who can’t attend live, feeds from the event.

For more, read the articles at http://www.eventmanagerblog.com/8-trends-in-socialmedia-and-eventmarketing and http://www.marketingtango.com/event-marketing-trends-2017-beyond/