Powerful New Marketing Program Matches Direct Mail With E-mail & Social Targeting

SAN ANTONIO, TX. August 2, 2016 — AccuList, Inc., a Texas corporation and parent of AccuList USA®, has unveiled a new cross-channel marketing program that combines the cost-effective power of e-mail and social media with the proven response of targeted direct mail.

Leveraging 28+ years of success in direct and online marketing, the new Digital2Direct program debuts along with a redesigned website featuring market-specific, downloadable information on thousands of postal, e-mail, and multi-channel marketing programs, announced AccuList USA President David Kanter.

AccuList USA serves clients in the following markets: Automotive Enthusiasts, Catalog Buyers, Fundraising, Pet Owners, Speculative Investors, along with Trade Show and Conference Organizers.

“Designed to help clients maximize front-end response and conversion, our innovative ‘cross-channel’ Digital2Direct marketing program combines highly targeted direct mail with either Facebook social media advertising or opt-in e-mail marketing,” said Kanter. Direct mail campaigns can be combined with Facebook ads deployed to selected “matched” postal records via programmatically determined bid rates, or combined with timely opt-in e-mail matched to the same recipients.

Also new to the AccuList USA roster of services is Advanced Data Hygiene, which offers postal list accuracy and deliverability two times better than achieved with standard NCOA, noted Kanter. AccuList USA uses access to the most comprehensive, real-time public and private databases commercially available to better identify and correct undeliverable names and postal address changes for mailing clients.

Aside from its traditional e-mail and direct mail list and insert media brokerage and management services, AccuList USA offers Online Media placement, Pay-For-Performance Radio and TV, and Social Media services such as targeted advertising to the 250 million+ LinkedIn members. The upgraded site further links to the subsidiary Beyond Voter Lists® that provides targeted lists for political campaigns and causes.

Kanter added that other features of the revamped www.acculist.com site include “improved site navigation, a News & Views page that showcases contemporary List Market Trends and links to scholarly articles and two blogs.”

For further information on AccuList USA and its “multi-channel” marketing services, please contact David Kanter, President at 520-226-4220 or david@acculist.com.

AccuList, Inc. is the parent company of AccuList USA®. AccuList USA was founded in 1988 by David Kanter and has grown to become a national DMA and SRDS recognized list and insert media brokerage and management company. As noted in the AccuList USA video, the company has served thousands of national and international business and non-profit clients with direct and digital marketing support, and its offerings range from targeted opt-in e-mail, postal and telemarketing lists to online display advertising and data management services.